Bonsai carving tools

During the 80’s and 90’s, William J. Vlaanderen gave multiple demonstrations on the topic of dead wood techniques in Bonsai trees, both domestically as well as abroad. It quickly became apparent that there were no proper tools available for these applications; his interest was born. In early ‘91, Vlaanderen began the development of the Samurai bonsaicarvingtool, in order to be able to use this for dead wood compositions in Bonsai trees. Over time this collection has grown to more than 250 different products, which are all used by Bonsai- and woodworking hobbyists. Furthermore, these products are successfully sold by online shops and resellers around the world.

Bonsai ceramics

Bonsai owner: Walter Pall
Creator Moonstone: William Vlaanderen

In 1987, Vlaanderen began his own ceramics line of products. The Stoneshells and Moonshells are the most well known forms. In 2004, he won two main prizes in Ratingen, Germany. Vlaanderen’s creations have a natural and dramatic look to them. Up to now, he has processed 24.000 kilo’s of clay during his ceramics career.

Wood Slices and root tables

In ‘92, Vlaanderen started to import olive root and various other exclusive types of wood. From that moment onwards, he became an expert on tree warts. Currently, there is around 3500 kilo’s of 35 different types of wood slices in stock. Additionally, Vlaanderen supplies types of wood to specialised wood companies both domestically and abroad.In collaboration with Gerrit Mostert of the ‘Van boom naar droom’ foundation, root tables are produced in Malawi. The proceeds of which are used to develop social activities; a clear example of socially responsible enterprising.

Polystone bonsai stoneshells, moonshells and bonsai forestslabs

In 2012, Vlaanderen began the development of these products in plastic. Benefits of this include that the products are lightweight, strong, and have a natural look to them. The products are accepted and successfully sold to Bonsai enthusiasts in- and outside of Europe. In 2016, Bonsai master Masakuni Kimura was gifted multiple bowls by his students who were giving a demonstration in Saulieu.

Due in part to the development and increased availability of new tools, the design of ceramics, the selling of wood slices, and William J. Vlaanderen’s innovations in general, the european Bonsai enthusiast has evolved considerably